Wharton Behavioral Lab


Welcome to the Wharton Behavioral Lab (WBL). The WBL provides extensive support for all behavioral research needs. The WBL provides a newly renovated Graves Behavioral Research Suite on the Forum Level of Huntsman Hall along with the Lab on the ground floor of Steinberg Dietrich Hall. A highly trained staff will run your studies and provide the results.

If your experiment has requirements better suited for a field study, online study or focus groups, please see the information about Specialized Panels.

For the On Campus studies please read the following guidelines:

Four times a year we send a call for submissions. We only schedule for each period as it comes up. All Lab users should prioritize their requests for each request period. We review each request and follow a criterion developed around equitable allotment of time. For those who do not get all of their request slots, there are two options:

  1. Wait for the next scheduling period.
  2. Run in a morning session or in a single day session run in one of the large computer labs.

The Online request form is found in the menu to the left under Experimenter Tools. Be sure to complete one request for each study you plan to run.

Please note the following:

  • If you want to use the focus group room that MUST be stated in the request
  • Bonus Money policy – you must provide change if bonus pay is in increments smaller than $1. We ask that denominations not be smaller than $.25
  • Each study is required to have its own consent form AND ask for Lab ID
  • All studies need IRB approval prior to the scheduled start date
  • The Lab provides 2 assistants for each session. If your study requires more please make arrangements to provide your own RAs.
  • All materials MUST be submitted 3 days before your scheduled start date.
    • We need to be able to test and make sure everything works
  • Details of your study are required at least 1 week before your study is scheduled to run.
  • Requests from PhD students need an advisor’s sign off.

If you want to run an Eye Tracking Lab Study:

    Eye Tracking Lab Study (stimuli presented on computer monitors)
  • The experimenter is responsible for developing the stimulus presentation programs using SMI Experiment Center
  • We can offer a maximum sample size of 50 participants every 2 weeks
  • There is a 30 minute maximum per timeslot
  • Each task can only take 10-15 minutes
  • The participant fee is $5.00
  • WBL will honor our typical financial split and we will provide the RA(s)
    Eye Tracking Field Study (natural stimuli, eye-tracking glasses used)
  • This study is run entirely by the experimenter
  • We provide only the space – the experimenter is responsible for all logistics (taking participants to/from field location and coding the data)
  • A 10 minute field study will take approximately 1 hour given the self-coding required and taking participants to/from study location
  • WBL will honor our standard financial split – we will not provide RA(s)

For details about conducting an eye-tracking experiment, please contact Robert Botto or Wes Hutchinson